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Why YEAH Virtual Academy?

Entering 2020, YEAH Academy no longer could support the financial burden involved in continuing on-site classes and the leadership made the difficult decision to close the doors after serving the home educated community for 30 years. But when the world got blindsided by the largest pandemic seen in generations, YEAH realized that the Lord had shut a door to allow us to see the window He was opening. COVID-19 showed us the need for in-home online classes for everyone, no matter location, educational philosophy, or family situation. Thus the launching of YEAH Virtual Academy starting Fall Semester, 2020.

Who can Enroll in Classes?

YEAH Virtual Academy is open to all. Simply become a member!

All people within a single household are included in a membership and may enroll in courses.

What could a YEAH Virtual Academy student look like?
  1. Traditional home educated students, whose parents are looking for academic supplement
  2. Traditional group school (public or private) students, whose parents are looking for academic supplement
  3. Non-traditional learner, seeking enrichment opportunities
  4. PSEO eligible students who desire academically engaging online courses, taught by passionate professors

How are Classes Delivered?

YEAH Virtual Academy will provide content via three different options. Not all options will be available for every course, but will depend on course material and instructor preference.

  • Synchronous Courses are offered on-line at a specific, scheduled meeting time. Classes include weekly assignments and tutor feedback.
  • Nonsynchronous Courses contain pre-recorded lessons that are released weekly during the course's scheduled time frame and include tutor feedback. The lessons and assignments are completed weekly as it works in the student's schedule.
  • Independent Learning Courses are released on a schedule, in connection with the semester, but tutors strictly provide course content, no feedback.
Age Group Divisions:

Many of our classes overlap between age/grade groups. As you consider which classes are appropriate for your students, please note the following age group divisions. Below are the traditional definitions of each category of student.

  • Elementary: 1st-5th grades (ages 5-10)
  • Middle School: 6th-8th grades (ages 11-13)
  • High School: 9th-12th grades (ages 14-18)
  • PSEO: eligible MN students in 11th & 12th grades (ages 16-18)

What is the Cost?

Membership: May 1st - April 30th
  • $32 per family/household
  • $125-$225/per semester
  • Cost depends on course & option chosen


YEAH Virtual Academy offers PSEO courses for qualified Minnesota 11th & 12th grade students through Concordia, St Paul.

To learn more about PSEO at YEAH, click HERE

Tutors & Adjunct Professors:

  • Whitney Anderson
  • Amy Baumhoefner
  • Dr. Arlen Baumhoefner
  • Cher Baumhoefner
  • Allie Callahan
  • Dr. Kathleen Chara
  • Jeff Goodwin
  • Karla Hall
  • Sue Kilbride
  • Alex Leone
  • Greg Membrez
  • Katie Patnode
  • Pam Patnode
  • Mike Pehl
  • Ben Valine
Click HERE to read tutor & professor bios

Class Offerings

Introduction to Literary Analysis

Course Description: This class introduces students to the skills required to successfully analyze literature. Based on a framework of the elements of literature, this course will provide students with the tools needed to deconstruct the meaning of a text as well as the vocabulary to express these concepts. Through weekly writing assignments and fun activities students will develop critical thinking and analytical skills. The goal of this class is not to cram as much reading into each semester but to dig deeply into each text and fully understand the meaning and purpose behind the words; to this end each semester will include books from a range of genres. ...

Global & Popular Music: MUS 121

Course Description: MUS 121 Listening to Life: Global & Popular Music Course Description: Using global folk and art music and contemporary popular idiom music, this course teaches music listening skills, relates music to history and culture, and reveals music as a conveyer of human emotions, thoughts, and ideals. ...

Western Classical Music: MUS 120

Course Description: Listening to Life: Western Classical Music Course Description: Using music primarily from the classical Western tradition, this course teaches music listening skills, relates music to history and culture, and reveals music as a conveyer of human emotions, thoughts, and ideals. The course also touches briefly on ethnic folk music, global art music, and popular music (American jazz, musical theatre, and pop music). ...

Creative Writing

Class Description: Everyone has stories to tell. This course is designed to help students find their stories and express themselves through the written word. To do this, the class will study central elements of literature including character, theme, style, and plot. Students will also examine short stories written by renowned authors and study how the greats tell their stories. All of the basics--grammar and mechanics, sentence structure, and punctuation--are covered as students develop their own writing style and voice. ...


Course Description: Have all your children on the same track, but learning at an age appropriate level! All classes will be studying the same science units but with the material geared for each group! This class will be taught interactively using the Good and the Beautiful curriculum through a variety of discussion, labs, and activities. Units include: Space Science, Meteorology, Arthropods, and Botany. ...

Coding Foundations

Course Description: In this course, students will learn how to think critically and problem-solve as they build their own simple computer games and programs. This course will introduce students to the basic programming concepts and tools they need to begin working with any programming language. Students will become comfortable with general computer programming concepts using Scratch, a beginner programming language from MIT. They will build their own computer games, interactive stories, and any other computer programs they can imagine. ...

Latin 1

Course Description: Not offered 2020-2021, An introductory Latin course to help students acquire basic Latin grammar concepts and vocabulary, develop good language study habits, see the relationship between Latin and other languages, especially English, and explore Roman culture. ...

Personal Fitness & Health

Course Description: This is a wellness course that focuses on physical and mental health. Each week will focus on a different topic either related to physical fitness or mental health. Students do not need any workout equipment for this course however they will need a space where they are about to perform workouts. This course will introduce students to a wide variety of workout types as well as many different ways to stay mentally happy and healthy. Not every student prefers to work out in the same way, nor does every student cope with mental health the same way so this class is to give students the opportunity to try many new things so they can find what works best for them. ...

American Government

Course Description: This course examines the politics and processes of our American government at the national, state and local level:  the constitutional foundations of  our American government: national institutions, chiefly the Presidency, Congress, and the Supreme Court: and the political forces that shape the American government, including elections, parties and interest groups. ...

Elementary Language Arts

Class Description: Reading & Writing through Fairy Tales. Developing literary analysis and writing skills doesn't need to be boring! In this class students closely read from a mix traditional, fractured, and modern fairy tales and folklore (with some super heroes mixed in for good measure) as they work towards becoming strong readers. As they write they will learn to more fully develop ideas and support their them with reasons and evidence. It addition they will learn to research to build knowledge and to clearly present their ideas when speaking and writing. All the reading and writing activities will be based on studying the core elements of literature. While grammar will not be focused on, each class will include reinforcement of part of speech and correct sentence construction. ...

American History

Class Description: American history is a survey course that provides students with an investigation of important political, economic, religious and social developments in American history from the pre-colonial time period to the Present Time. Students will be engaged in activities that call upon their skills as historians as well as comparing and contrasting important ideas and events. ...

French I

Class Description: This is an introductory French course and is intended for students who have no prior knowledge of the language. Students will learn to speak, write, listen, and read in French, gaining the ability to communicate in real-life situations. In addition to learning through oral comprehension and writing exercises, students will be introduced to the unique phonetics of the French language. This course will enable students to attain a Novice High level in speaking, listening, and reading as described by the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines(2012). ...

Christ-Centered Martial Artists

Class Description: CMA is offered both for Academy and Academy Jr. students. Christ-Centered Martial Artists (CMA) is a compassionate ministry that fervently strives to promote the strongest daily relationship between Jesus Christ and His creation through its comprehensive Christ-centered martial arts process. CMA classes are fun and exciting! Your child will deepen their faith as they gain confidence, self-worth, focus, fitness, courtesy, respect,
self-defense, and much more! They will learn the Fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control). Students will develop additional character traits found throughout the Holy Bible. ...

Survey of Western Art History 2: ART 272

Course Description: This  course is designed to introduce students to fundamental concepts in art history as well as important masterworks from the western art tradition. The Renaissance through 20th Century will be addressed. Both art and non-art majors can can enjoy this course. ...

Intro to Psychology: PSY 101

Course Description: This course introduces the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Psychological, behavioral, cognitive, humanistic, psychodynamic, and social-cultural perspectives are explored. Topics such as scientific method, statistical reasoning, neuroscience, learning, cognitive processes, development, psychological adjustment, therapy, social psychology, diversity and community are studied. ...

Beginning College Spanish II: SPA 102

Course Description: This course continues vocabulary building through short readings and dialogues in simulated real-life situations. Grammar concentrates on past-tense review, present subjunctive, perfect tenses, the future, commands, and object pronouns. Cultural readings and film are included. ...

Beginning College Spanish I: SPA 101

Course Description: This course introduces basic vocabulary along with present and past tense verbs. Cultural notes and short readings are included along with the basic grammar. Immediate use of the language is encouraged. ...

Creative Writing: ENG 325

Course Description: This course will examine the basic elements of short fiction and poetry and will require students to experiment with both genres The class is run as a workshop: the main focus will be on the discussion of each other's work. it is also, to a certain degree, a literature course, wince what one reads strongly influences what one writes. Assigned readings are also intended to give students a fuller understanding of techniques as well as a range of artistic possibilities. ...

Introduction to Literature: ENG 155

Course Description: This course seeks to excite students about literature; to feed students passion about literature; and to enhance their pleasure from literature. Through a variety of texts, students will encounter other members of the human community and, while in their company, learn about themselves. The course will introduce basic literary terminology. ...

English Writing: ENG 120

Course Description: The content of a writing course is writing. For students to become proficient writers in all disciplines, they need to learn how to read and analyze a variety of texts and then practice reading and analyzing texts from various disciplines. Through research and writing, students learn what others are saying and how to integrate those ideas into their own writing. Constant practice will guide students into developing their own voice and style. They will make conscious choices related to audience and academic conventions. ...

Introduction to Public Communication: COM 212

Course Description: Students prepare and deliver various types of public performances including speeches and oral interpretation. The evaluation and criticism of speeches is studied. Videotape helps students adjust to their performance style and improve presentation delivery. Course units include speech construction, presentation and delivery, audience and text analysis, informative, persuasive and special occasion speeches as well as visual aid construction. ...

Interpersonal Communication: COM 103

Course Description: Students examine their methods of interpersonal communication in various contexts including dyadic, small group, and mediated communication. Individual activities and group work include both oral and written components. Class discussions and small group activities provide opportunities to practice and refine interpersonal communication skills. Topics include intrapersonal communication, verbal messages, culture and communications, nonverbal communication, listening, self-disclosure, conflict, gender roles and intercultural communication. ...

Survey of Western Art History 1: ART 271

Course not Offered 2020-2021. Course Description: This  course is designed to introduce students to fundamental concepts in art history as well as important masterworks from the western art tradition. Prehistoric work through Medieval (14th century) will be addressed. Both art and non-art majors can can enjoy this course. ...

U.S. History

Class Description: This year-long class covers the very beginnings of our country up through WWII and its aftermath. The study of United States History is the story of our ancestors and how they shaped a nation. You will explore this story through the eyes of the people who lived it using living books, hands-on activities, and first-hand accounts. The goal of this class is to bring American History to life for the students. ...

Composition & Research

Course Description: Students will learn and practice the skills necessary for excellent writing, including outlining, creating gripping openers and devising pithy descriptions. In-class exercises will include revising texts, peer review, and learning proper citation format. Each student will prepare a research paper on a topic of his/her choosing during the spring semester. Grammar and mechanics will be reviewed within the context of writing according to class needs. ...

Computer Basic Skills

Class Description: This course in an introduction to Windows Operating System. Learn what it is, how to harness its power, its tools, and its features so you’re the Master. In addition, students will learn how to use a word processor, spread sheet, address books and image manipulation programs in addition to file management, folders, directories and controls. The student will also learn how to set up and use e-mail, the World Wide Web (Internet) and various search engines. ...

Minnesota Deluxe Online Driver’s Education

Class Description: This 30 hour online course has been specifically designed for parents of MN Homeschoolers who want their teens to take the safest, most-effective driver training available on the market today. It is approved by the State of Minnesota and goes beyond the basics to teach new drivers how to avoid unpredictable risks by developing their defensive driving instincts using proven techniques that defy boring academic lectures. ...

Literature & Film

Class Description: Good story telling teaches - whether heard, read or seen. Movies often have resounding messages just as literature does; themes of right and wrong, ethics, moral dilemmas, coming of age, plot development and irony are just a few of their common traits. In this course, students will learn to critique narrative content and form, identify underlying messages, and analyze a wide range of films in multiple genres and compare them to their source material.  ...