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The Academy
  • is a group tutorial service for home educated students in middle, junior and senior high school in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, western Wisconsin and surrounding areas. It also provides college-board approved AP and on site PSEO courses.
  • is sponsored by YEAH (Youth Educated At Home), a Minnesota non profit organization serving the needs of home educated youth since 1988. To learn more about YEAH and its services, please visit

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Welcome to The Academy 

for Youth Educated At Home




Applicants may now use a Single-Application for PSEO at YEAH courses for North Central University, Concordia University and University of Northwestern starting Fall 2014:

PSEO at YEAH Application Form   2014 PSEO NSR form

Mail to: PSEO at YEAH, 5841 Lametti Lane, Shoreview MN 55126
Attn: Linda Lopez

PSEO at YEAH registration begins on April 17th.

All registrants must be current 2013-14 as well as have renewed for 2014-15 membership)



This site is currently being revised for 2014-15.  Please check Last Update dates to check for most recent updates.

2014-15 PSEO at YEAH course listings, click here


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  • New member registration is open: go to

  • Closed (Full) classes are listed here

  • Fuchsia annual catalogs will be available at the YEAH office at The Academy for non-members. Due to cost and unreliability of bulk mailing services, they will no longer be mailed out.


Membership Note (and Class Registration Eligibility):

  1. New 2013-14 memberships received at any time between August 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014, are applicable for 2013-14 and will expire on July 31, 2014. These memberships must be renewed for 2014-15 ($45 level) to be eligible for early register for classes after the July Open House (Monday, July 21, 2014).

  2. New memberships received between July 1 and July 31, 2014 will become effective on August 1, 2014.  These memberships for 2013-14 ($45 level) will be eligible to register for classes on August 1 and do not qualify for priority registration upgrade in July after the Open House.

  3. Questions?  Contact Skip at




To make our website easier for you, it has recently been revised:

Full Academy Course Schedule for 2014-15: click here

Daily course schedules updated for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday classes: click here Mon, Tues, Wed

Registration page: click here

The Academy: General Information

  • Our mission is to come along side of parents to assist them as they seek the best options and opportunities for their home educated students in middle school through high school graduation--and beyond. 

  • Our services focus on the academic and social needs of home school teens as well as venues to equip parents with the tools needed for success in their role as home educators. 

  • The Academy offers a wide range of tutorial courses taught by highly qualified and passionate tutors.  Each class typically meets for one 90 to 120 minutes session per week on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday in a conveniently located Roseville church. The Academy is not a school; it is a group tutorial facilitator. 

  • The Academy offers PSEO courses through North Central University, Minneapolis, MN, on site on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the NCU satellite campus at the same Roseville Church.  These courses are taught by NCU adjunct professors (who are also tutors at The Academy).  Students will earn university credit for courses successfully completed through this program.

  • The Academy offers AP courses where students in 10th-12th grades (MN or WI) can earn college credit for courses successfully complete through this program.

  • Please visit the links above and below to explore what The Academy has to offer. 

  • Our YEAH main website includes information about other opportunities YEAH provides.  A separate (third) website facilitates our online registration process.  That secure site is accessible only to YEAH Academy members who have completed the online family registration files. 

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YEAH - Youth Educated At Home: General Information

  • YEAH membership is open to all families who home educate their children.  

  • YEAH & YEAH Academy memberships run August 1st through July 31st and must be renewed annually

  • Our services focus on, but are not limited to, students in grades 5 (age 10) through high school graduation.

    • Academic

      • The Academy offers tutorial services for middle and high school

      • The Academy offers AP courses for qualified students in 10-12th grades

      • PSEO at YEAH offers PSEO courses on site for qualified students in 11-12th grades from 3 Twin Cities Christian universities

    • Student services include:

      • Family skiing, PLAN testing, Graduation, Mentorships

    • Parent services include:

      • Workshops & Seminars, Home School College Fair, Book Sale, E-mail information regarding home education. 

  • YEAH Academy & YEAH Member Information  defines the different levels of membership.

  • Go to and link to "membership." Follow steps indicated in sequence.

  • Tours are available by appointment. Contact Cher at 

YEAH - Upcoming Events

YEAH website at


~ 34 different college classes; total of 109 college credits offered for 2014-15 academic year through 3 different local Christian universities~

The Academy offers PSEO courses through North Central University, Minneapolis, MN; Concordia University, St. Paul, MN; and University of Northwestern, St. Paul as well as tutorials for University of Northwestern, St. Paul, distance education courses.  Courses are available on site at YEAH Academy on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the satellite campus at the same Roseville Church that is home to The Academy for Youth Educated At Home..  These courses are taught by NCU, CSP and UNWSP university adjunct professors (most of whom are also tutors at The Academy).  Students will earn university credit for courses successfully completed through this program.

Details: go to PSEO at YEAH

Spring 2014 courses updated.  Registration for Fall 2014 PSEO at YEAH begins April 17, 2014.

PSEO at YEAH was created to provide academically challenging curricula taught from a Christian world view in an atmosphere that is nurturing, supportive and endorsing of the values of home educating students and their parents.

As home school parents, we take great care in the planning of our precious children's educational curriculum as well as the selection of outside instructors who we know will influence our children not only academically, but also socially and spiritually. 

As home school parents, we diligently work at the selection of a post high school college or university that we believe is best suited not only for our children's educational needs and goals, but one that will also positively influence their life choices in careers and friendships for the future. 

At YEAH (Youth Educated At Home), we believe that the same care and planning should go into the selection of a child's PSEO curriculum and instructors which will influence not only the developing child's educational studies, but also will greatly influence their social and spiritual lives both now and in the future. 



The Academy offers AP courses (Advanced Placement) where students in 10th-12th grades (MN or WI) can earn college credit for courses successfully complete through this program. No mid-year entry for new students is available.

  • AP at YEAH courses for students in 10-12 grades (age 15 and above)

    • Drawing

    • 2-D Design (11th-12th only)

    • Language & Composition (writing) 

    • Music Theory (pending)

    • USA History



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